Foreign Nurse Integration: a new perspective

Arrival in Germany and Integration

The employment of international nursing staff in German healthcare facilities implies an open, positive attitude for the new employees and employers in terms of culture and integration.

The first challenges that international nursing staff have to overcome are

  1. Achieving Full Qualification Recognition: Adjusting to a new routine and cultural life can make it challenging for nurses to save enough energy for studying for the Qualification Recognition (QR) exam.
  2. Achieving the B2 Certificate: This is required for working as a Registered Nurse in Germany.


Cultural Integration as a Two-Way Street

If you employ international nursing staff, both the new nursing staff and your existing staff will get the chance to know a new culture. It is important here to see the integrative process – which, in contrast to some perceptions, is not a one-way street that only the new employees take – it is an opportunity for everyone involved and to benefit from the advantages. Cultural integration is understood as a cooperative and two-way process in which both nurses and healthcare facilities adapt to each other by improving mutual cultural understanding.

Cultural integration involves a comprehensive understanding of a culture other than one’s own and also refers to identifying commonalities between different cultural practices. It means mastering the challenges and benefits of adapting to a new social framework while appreciating the diversity and complexity of the human experience.


How CWC Assists Clients in Fostering Bidirectional Cultural Integration

CWC is committed to providing valuable and diverse material to assist in the post-deployment journey of nurses as informatively and accurately as possible. Here are some resources and tools available through the CWC platform to support employers and nurses alike:

  • These are based on where the new nurses are coming from and provide tips on how to assist them with bureaucratic matters during their first days. Additionally, the checklists offer guidance on making nurses feel at ease in their new cultural setting.
Employer Cultural Integration Guide
  • An extensive guide providing deep insights into the concepts and practices of cultural integration and communication. This guide helps employers better understand their growing international team and fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
Journey Tracking on the Platform
  • We believe in using technology to embrace speed and efficiency. Employers have access to their Employer Dashboard from day one, where they can track the hiring process and details about each specific candidate. Now, all tasks from screening profiles to offering jobs can be managed within a single online space. This tracking system ensures transparency and keeps both parties informed throughout the entire process.
Client Support Team
  • Our Client Support Team is available anytime to assist with any issues that may arise. Employers can connect at Understanding that we are working with people, we are driven to apply speedy solutions to any problems that might arise during the hiring and deployment processes.


Detailed Tips for Employers on Welcoming International Nurses

  1. Pre-Arrival Preparation
    • Welcome Packets: Prepare welcome packets that include essential information about the local area, transportation options, cultural norms, and contact information for support services.
    • Accommodation Assistance: Offer help with finding temporary or permanent accommodation, and provide details about local housing markets.
  2. Orientation Programs
    • Comprehensive Orientation: Organize thorough orientation programs that cover not just the professional aspects of the job but also local culture, social norms, and everyday life in Germany.
    • Buddy System: Implement a buddy system where new nurses are paired with experienced staff members who can help them navigate their new environment and workplace.
  3. Language Support
    • Language Classes: Facilitate access to German language classes to help nurses achieve the B2 Certificate required for working as a Registered Nurse.
    • Language Exchange Programs: Encourage language exchange programs within the healthcare facility to promote mutual learning and understanding.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity Training
    • Workshops and Training: Provide cultural sensitivity workshops and training sessions for both new international nurses and existing staff to promote an inclusive and respectful work environment.
    • Diversity Celebrations: Celebrate cultural diversity by organizing events and activities that showcase different cultures represented within the team.
  5. Ongoing Support
    • Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular check-ins with international nurses to address any challenges they might face and offer continuous support.
    • Feedback Mechanisms: Establish robust feedback mechanisms to allow nurses to voice their concerns and suggestions for improving the integration process.
  6. Professional Development
    • Mentorship Programs: Create mentorship programs that provide professional guidance and career development opportunities for international nurses.
    • Continuing Education: Support ongoing education and training to help nurses stay updated with the latest medical practices and advancements.
  7. Community Integration
    • Social Events: Organize social events and outings to help international nurses build a network and feel more connected to their new community.
    • Family Support: Offer support services for nurses’ families, including assistance with schooling for children and job search resources for spouses.



Cultural integration in the healthcare sector is a two-way street that requires effort and adaptation from both international nurses and healthcare facilities. By fostering mutual understanding, providing comprehensive support, and leveraging the resources available through CWC Recruitment, employers can create a welcoming and inclusive environment for their new nurses. This not only benefits the nurses but also enhances the overall quality of care provided to patients.

CWC Recruitment is here to support you every step of the way. For assistance, contact us at Together, we can build a stronger, more diverse healthcare community.

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