A Flexible and Effective Platform to Learn German

Our partner has received numerous awards and over 100 million students rely on their teaching methodology. It is powered by “smart technology”, which allows you to dominate each lesson and helps prepare you for your B2 exam. You will be able to combine their self-study platforms with individualized 1:1 lessons with private teachers.

What do you need to do?

5 quick steps to for your language journey
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    Step 1
    Find out more
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    Step 2
    Request a 10% discount from CWC
  • 3
    Step 3
    Register and pick up a plan that works for you
  • 4
    Step 4
    Download the app, start learning
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    Step 5
    Receive a CWC language bonus when you pass B2!
Find out more

Check out our partner page and find out more about their platform and program

Request a 10% discount from CWC

Follow the link to request a 10% discount from CWC and we will provide you instructions on how to sign up with the discount code

Register and pick up a plan that works for you

If you are convinced that you want to enroll, you should choose which subscription package you want: 1, 4, 8 or unlimited private classes per month.

Download the app, start learning

When you've chosen your plan, register and download the app. You can start booking private class and following the online curriculum

Receive a CWC language bonus when you pass B2!

If you learn language outside of CWC, we will offer you a language incentive bonus as you get deployed to Germany and pass B2. If you wish to receive a language sponsorship during your studies, you can discuss this with your CWC representative. You will be required to submit relevant documents and complete any previous language class with at least 70% passing rate. CWC does not sponsor your A1 course but is however open to offering sponsorship for A2 – B2.

How does it work?


You can choose between 4 monthly subscription plans: with 1, 4, 8 or 31 number of private lessons per month. You may also purchase additional “pay-as-you-go” private lessons at 
a subsidized price. You will have access to countless exercises and activities for self-study.

Regular Evaluations

You will have real-time insights on your progress, with concrete feedback on which sections you need to especially work on. You will also receive regular mock tests to evaluate your language level and offer study suggestions.


Thousands of fun and engaging exercises will keep you motivated and eager to progress to the next level.

At Your Own Pace

Enjoy flexibility in setting your own study rhythm. We do recommend that you study for at least 2 hours per day.

  • In-Class course (Ex: Goethe Institute)
  • Study on your own (Ex: Duolingo)
  • CWC virtual language provider
  • Flexibility (24/7)
  • Practice with native speakers
  • Track your progress daily
  • Premium Mobile app
  • Mock test after each level
  • 1:1 lessons
  • YouTube channel
  • Desktop version
  • Offline mode

Are you ready to start learning German?

Your most frequent questions answered

Virtual language programs cater to all language levels. After an initial assessment, you will be placed in a specific level. If you believe that you have been placed in an incorrect level, you can take the assessment test again.

There are a few requirements to qualify for the B2 CWC language sponsorship in Germany. You will have had to successfully pass the B1 exam and comply with all other CWC program requirements, including receiving a job offer from a German healthcare institution. The CWC team will guide you through the end.

You can switch between language programs (both virtual and local schools) at any time. It is important that you always receive a +70% passing rate and connect with CWC to assess whether you are eligible for a language sponsorship.