Best practices to get you ready for your interview

You have your job interview scheduled—congratulations! The best thing you can do to improve your chances of acing your interview is to prepare, and we‘ve got you covered! Below, see what employers are looking for and how to make a great first impression with our top interview tips.


1. Research on your employer and the role you are applying for

Employers appreciate it when candidates take their time to do research on the health care facility and the role they are being interviewed for, as it illustrates genuine interest and commitment to the role and their particular institution, something our hospital employers love to see. The employer may also notice that you have taken time to prepare, which shows them how you will perform as an employee. The best resources  for finding information about your potential employer are: the company’s website, social media communities and/or employees who are already working there.


2. Prepare questions

Based on the information that you’ve read so far on the employer, there might be some open questions that you want to ask in the interview. Write them down and have them ready when the employer asks you about your open questions. They can be related to several topics such as: your tasks as a nurse, the work environment, the working conditions or the location.


3. Anticipate questions

Just like you, Employers also prepare themselves for giving interviews. They will most likely have a list of questions that include your career ambitions and professional experience. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes and imagine what they may want to know about you.  Then, write down possible questions and take the time to think about how you will answer them. This is a great exercise to get you thinking about your career goals and past experience, something we don’t often find the time to do!

Be aware: Employers know that you are still learning German, and they are prepared to ask you simple questions that match your language level, so don’t worry! It is a sign of commitment to try your best and speak in German, even if it isn’t perfect. We strongly recommend that you do not ask the employer to switch languages, as this is a sign that you may lack the resilience or commitment necessary to work in a foreign environment.


4. Dress for success

Dress professionally to make a good impression. Clean, ironed tops or scrubs and well kept hair will show the employer that you take the interview, and the potential role, seriously.If you are hesitating about what to wear, we advise you to ask your peers or college friends what they wore for their interviews.


5. Check your tech

At least one day before the interview, check and test the microphone and video settings of the device you will be using. Ask friends or family to help you by setting up a Skype or Zoom call with them to make sure you can be seen and heard clearly. When it is time to have the interview, make sure to do it in a private, quiet location with no background noise or activity. This will help you stay sharp and relaxed and allow the interviewer to focus on your great answers!


6. Get to know the interview platform

Once you receive the interview invite per e-mail, you’ll have information on which online platform will be used. Unless the employer suggests otherwise, you will generally be invited to the call through Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. If you are not familiar with the interview platform, make sure to have it downloaded and tested so you understand how it works come interview time. There is nothing more stressful than trying to sign into your interview platform only to realize that it is not downloaded on your device!


7. Punctuality

Punctuality is a sign of commitment and reliability. To show your motivation to work in Germany, it is crucial that you are ready when the employer arrives on the call. Have your device set up at least 20 minutes before the interview and be logged on to the call.


8. Don’t memorize, be authentic

Don’t spend time on memorizing your CV, your answers should sound natural and authentic. Memorization can sound robotic and tense, so try to relax when speaking to the interviewer and remember that you are just having a normal conversation. Being friendly and sincere is also a great way to showcase your interpersonal skills, a key quality in a nurse. In fact, when we asked our hospital partners about the top qualities they look for when hiring a new nurse, 80% said interpersonal skills were very important when making their selection. So, just relax and be yourself – you have nothing to worry about!


9. No show, let us know

We can’t always predict what will happen in the future and it is possible that the initial interview appointment you had doesn’t work anymore due to emergency situations, sickness, lack of internet or other reasons. If that’s the case, let CWC ( or its partner know asap so that we can reschedule the interview. This will prevent you from giving a bad impression to the employer.


Ready for your interview? Care With Care wishes you lots of success!

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