Are you a nurse who is also learning German? CWC Recruitment will match you with a top-tier German employer, support you through the deployment process, and train you upon arrival. All in 6-8 months.

For 10 years, CWC Recruitment has successfully and transparently recruited nurses from overseas to Germany where they experience exceptional working conditions and social benefits. Nurses who speak or are learning German are in a unique and exciting position to quickly match with one of our top-tier employers.

Why CWC Recruitment?


CWC Recruitment has set the leading standard for ethical overseas healthcare recruiting for 10 years.


Our recruitment model is built on openness and transparency from enrolment through to your arrival in Germany.

Nurse Success

Land in Germany ready to work and receive FREE nursing, German and integration training for 6-9 months upon arrival.


Our accredited agency keeps the highest ethical standards. We support your entire journey & set you up for long-term success.


CWC Recruitment financially supports you through the language learning process from the beginning through mastery.

Individualized Support

Experience 1:1 support from our team while our platform generates employer matches based on your unique specifications.

Your 5-Step Journey to Germany. Free of Charge!

  1. Screening and document collection.

  2. Interview and employment process.

  3. Qualification recognition process

  4. Departure and B2 studies (if needed)

  5. Arrival in Germany and integration

Land in a furnished flat in Germany in 6-8 months!

Our Promise to You

CWC Recruitment is an experienced and accredited agency dedicated to the wellbeing of the nurses we serve. Our nurse-centric model champions transparency, multi-level support and top-tier employer matches, all with zero financial risk to the candidate.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

No. CWC Recruitment can enrol candidates with little to no German experience and deployment can take place within 8-12 months. However, If you enter our program with German language experience, this will significantly shorten your time to deployment.

No. The CWC Recruitment program is completely free of charge. For candidates who have no German language experience, CWC Recruitment has programs in place that can cover the cost of language classes or reimburse you upon completion.

Once you become a Registered Nurse in Germany, you will be able to stay in the country initially on a work visa. After 5 years you can apply and stay in Germany on a permanent resident basis. You can make long-term professional and personal plans in Germany!

Any licensed nurse that has graduated from a 3 year vocational training or a 4 year college or university program, as long as you do not currently live in one of the countries that have been restricted by the German government based on the WHO nurse staffing shortage assessment.