CWC Recruitment Code-of-Conduct


Código de Conduta da CWC em português

Code de conduite du CWC Recruitment en français

CWC مدونة قواعد السلوك باللغة العربية


CWC Recruitment’s business is centered around human beings. It is therefore crucial that we define and uphold our values in everything that we do. The following code-of-conduct represents our values and business practices, which we uphold from our strategy to our day-to-day operations. 

For the corporate practice of CWC Recruitment, the requirements of the quality mark issued by the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine Lübke Stiftung e.V. are mandatory. Six principles guide the entire recruitment and placement practice:

  • Written form for verifiability
  • Unpaid nature of the placement process for care workers
  • Appropriateness of the economic risk
  • Transparency of structures, services and costs
  • Sustainability and participation
  • Overall responsibility

Mission Statement

At CWC Recruitment, we operate our business of recruiting, training and placing foreign healthcare staff at German healthcare institutions based on our fundamental values, ethics and a code of conduct that we have developed over the years. CWC Recruitment’s operations are centered around the interaction with people, following government regulations and creating synergies across healthcare systems across the globe. Our philosophy is not to pursue short-term wins or cut corners but instead have a long-term approach that ensures the safety of our candidates, the legality of our processes and the increase of the healthcare labor supply across borders. We have a candidate-centric approach: we care about every single one of our candidates and want him / her to not only safely arrive in Germany but also properly integrate and succeed in Germany long-term. Towards our clients, we believe in offering a quality-centric model based on transparent communication that solves their long-term staffing needs and allows them to focus on their day-to-day business of running a healthcare institution. As we work across cultures and in the business of “people” it is crucial that CWC Recruitment’s team takes full responsibility for caring for our candidates’ safety and health.


Recognition of human rights

CWC complies with international human rights standards, in particular the ILO core labor standards, the ILO General principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment and definition of recruitment fees and related costs, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and international UN human rights conventions.

Compliance with Laws

CWC Recruitment complies with the laws of the respective countries in which we operate. Our company takes this as a matter of course, regardless of any monetary disadvantages that CWC Recruitment could get. In view of that fact, following laws and regulations is a fundamental part of our institutional philosophy and defines the base of our economic activity. We expect this attitude equally from all our business and cooperation partners. In case of doubt, we would rather disclaim an opportunity or collaboration than violate the law. If national laws have a more restrictive regulation than the standards of CWC Recruitment, the national laws will apply.


International Recruitment Best-Practices

CWC Recruitment follows the ethical standards from the International Labor Organization´s (ILO) standards for “decent work” to ensure the well-being of candidates crossing borders. CWC Recruitment has a zero tolerance policy in terms of discrimination. CWC Recruitment also strictly follows the restriction of regions that agencies may recruit from for German healthcare institutions, which is based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of countries facing their own healthcare staffing shortage, discouraging active recruitment from countries with critical health workforce shortages. Here you can access more information on the latest version of the WHO health workforce support and safeguards list here or the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.

CWC Recruitment also follows the IRIS standards and principles which are:

  • respect for laws, and fundamental principles and rights at work
  • respect for ethical and professional conduct
  • prohibition of recruitment fees and related costs to migrant workers
  • respect for freedom of movement
  • respect for transparency of terms and conditions of employment
  • respect for confidentiality and data protection
  • respect for access to remedy
CWC Recruitment recruits actively in:
Philippines, Tunisia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India. However, all enrollments coming from candidates residing in countries outside of the above mentioned and that are not included in the “WHO – Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List” will be evaluated from our team to ensure compliance with ethical recruitment.


Equal Treatment

At CWC Recruitment is an equal opportunity employer – both for our internal team as well as for our candidate recruiting business. We believe that every individual deserves a chance and has zero tolerance for any discrimination practices, including on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc. These values are not a suggestion: they are lived by every CWC Recruitment team member and our recruiting processes include checks and balances to ensure discrimination does not take place. For our nurse candidates, we ensure that they are treated fairly and under the same conditions as local nurses, which includes salary and career opportunities, ensuring that they enjoy the same legal rights and responsibilities as domestically trained health personnel (Article 4).


Systems-Change Approach & Corporate Social Responsibility

At CWC Recruitment, we believe in giving back through our core business practices. We also believe that having a positive social impact at scale can only happen through a of a multi-sectoral approach in addressing the issue. At CWC Recruitment, we therefore take a systems-approach to what we do: we form long-term partnerships and design programs that will benefit the overall ecosystem, not necessarily just our company. The goal of these initiatives is to form stronger connections of healthcare systems across borders, give better opportunities to more candidates around the world and to improve the wellbeing of patients in Germany. By working with local healthcare training programs across our sourcing regions, CWC Recruitment hopes to be encouraging a greater number of people to enter the healthcare professions, thereby developing a supply of talent also to the domestic healthcare system. 


Our candidate-first approach

The CWC Recruitment model is centered around fair, transparent and safe recruitment practices. We do not believe in charging candidates a fee for participating in our program  (Employer-Pays-Principle) and instead pre-invest in much of the training and processes required for candidates to arrive at their job across borders. We also believe in the importance of investing in training of the candidates to properly set them up for long-term success in Germany. This training includes language, qualification recognition, nursing skills and integration management. Lastly, CWC Recruitment offers candidates long-term support once they arrive in their new employment country: we believe in closely accompanying the candidates as they get fully integrated into their new life. CWC Recruitment aims to only cooperate with partners and clients who share the same overall values, particularly in reference to this candidate-first philosophy. CWC is the permanent contact and also offers possible solutions to potential conflict situations after consultation with the parties. For example, it may be that either the employer or the caregiver is not satisfied with the job or the performance. In this case, CWC always finds individual ways to overcome or resolve such conflicts.

CWC Recruitment or the Employer does not charge the Candidate/Nurse a placement fee, however there are many associated costs when deploying a nurse to Germany, from medical checks to language and administrative duties. When possible, CWC will pay for these items upfront. If CWC is unable to pay upfront due to regional restrictions, the candidate will be financially responsible for the upfront payment, which will be reimbursed upon arrival.

We provide continuous assistance to all stakeholders throughout the recruitment process, including candidates, employers, partners, and others, ensuring accessibility to our contact form page for any inquiries and feedback, positive and negative, which are governed by transparent regulations. All submitted cases are promptly addressed within 24 to 48 business hours.


Practicing our values

CWC Recruitment believes in not only identifying our values but truly living and implementing them. We have integrated checks and balances across most of our business and HR practices, which allows us to implement our values and code-of-conduct to everything that we do: from our recruiting processes when we add a new team member to the team, to how we select a new partner, to how we make business decisions. Most importantly, we review our code-of-conduct at least once a year and share it during a workshop with our team to ensure that our values are up to date and clear across the team. 


Up-to-dateness and amendment of the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is currently valid and has a status of July 2024. Most importantly, we review our Code of Conduct at least once a year and discuss it in a workshop with our team to ensure that our values are current and clear across the team.