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If you have dreamed of working abroad but are overwhelmed by the many options and bureaucratic steps, CWC Recruitment is here to help. We’ve deployed over 1000 nurses like you who are now enjoying gainful employment and the many social benefits Germany has to offer. We will never charge you money and have been nationally recognized for our standards in quality, ethics and transparency. In 2013, CWC Recruitment was the first German agency accredited by POEA. We ensure that all POEA guidelines are followed and that your employer is properly accredited.

Our dedicated team guides you through every bureaucratic step, providing comprehensive language support to excel in interviews and exams. With placements in some of Germany's top healthcare facilities across the country, you have the freedom to choose your preferred region and job type. Take control of your career with CWC Recruitment - where your success is our priority.

CWC is a Gütesiegel agency

What does it mean?

In February 2022, CWC Recruitment was one of the first companies to be awarded the RAL Quality Seal – “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” by the Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus dem Ausland e.V. (Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Care Workers from Abroad) for its ethical, fair and transparent recruitment processes. This means that we have undergone a stringent review process and have recognized by the German government as being compliant with the highest standards of ethics, quality, and transparency.

Your journey to Germany. Free of charge!

Land in a furnished flat in Germany in 12-24 months
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    Step 1
    Your Journey to Germany. One step at a time.
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    Step 2
    Employer matching and interview process
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    Step 3
    Qualification recognition process
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    Step 4
    Language certification and departure
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    Step 5
    Arrival in Germany and integration
Your Journey to Germany. One step at a time.

Your Journey to Germany. One step at a time.

CWC breaks down your journey into clear steps and brings transparency to the process. We start by making sure you are a great fit for our program and then guide you through official document collection, language enrollment and language scholarship application (for those that apply). You are never alone during this process - we are here to help!

Employer matching and interview process

Employer matching and interview process

Once all important documents have been submitted and you have studied German at one of our partner language schools up to level A2, you will be matched with several employers that meet your personal specifications. You apply to jobs that you like and the Employer will schedule an interview if there is a good fit. It’s that easy!

Qualification recognition process

Qualification recognition process

After you have secured your new job, we process your qualification recognition and obtain your work authorization. Once in Germany we provide the training required to become a recognized Registered Nurse. All for free.

Language certification and departure

Language certification and departure

Depending on your Employer, you will require either B1 or B2 level certification before your departure. Our Language Team is ready to make sure you have the skills and resources to pass. Our Candidate Support Team will prepare your work visa and organize travel to Germany and pick-up from the airport.

Arrival in Germany and integration

Arrival in Germany and integration

You’ve made it to Germany! Expect to be welcomed by our team and your employer while we assist with arrival logistics and integration. Candidates will then begin work as a nursing assistant while studying for their QR and final language exam - all while earning a salary.

What are the requirements to apply?

A bachelor's degree in nursing from a 3 or 4-year university program.

The minimum requirement to start your program in Germany is a B1 exam certificate from either Goethe, TELC or ÖSD. However, in order to become a registered nurse as quickly as possible, it is crucial that you start studying B2 in your home country, prior to arriving in Germany. Learning a language is unique to each person and exact timelines are therefore difficult to predict. We assume that you could be ready for your B1 exam within 12 months if you study at an accredited language school with exam preparation. If your Employer requires B2 certification, you will move on to the B2 course which should take another 4-6 months. Overall, your timeline depends on your motivation and dedication to your studies.

POES is a certificate of completion of the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar that is required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration for Filipinos before working abroad.

POEA E registration is an online registration system for Filipino Applicants aspiring to work overseas.

Germany Awaits You

Great Salary

2,700 - 4,000€ on average per month for a registered nurse and 2,300€ for a nurse assistant.

Career Growth

With +40,000 nursing vacancies in Germany, CWC offers you work in one of its +50 centers, selected for their excellence and integration.

Social Benefits

Access to some of the world´s best social benefits: great health and unemployment insurance, retirement benefits, and free education for you and your family.


Germany is only 1-2 hours away from some of the most desirable cities in Europe. Travel awaits!

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Your most frequent questions answered

Apart from being a licensed Registered Nurse in your country, committing to passing your language exams and submitting all required documentation, we expect you to: 1) fully commit to passing your B2 and Qualification Recognition exams upon arriving in Germany and 2) staying at your employer for at minimum of 2 years after receiving your Registered Nurse recognition.

During the qualification recognition course period and until you pass the qualification exam and receive your Registered Nurse Certificate (Urkunde), you work as a Nurse Assistant. After receiving the RN Certificate, you will be able to change your visa type and officially work as a RN with a new contract. Most foreign nurses are allowed to work as a Nurse Assistant for a specific period of time upon arriving in Germany, while they prepare to become a fully Registered Nurse. There are two crucial components to becoming a Registered Nurse in Germany: B2 exam and “Kenntnisprüfung”, which is a nursing skills exam. Germany does not have a shortage of Nurse Assistants. Therefore, it is a priority for CWC to help you become a Registered Nurse upon arriving in Germany in order for you to remain in your new country long term.

Once you become a Registered Nurse in Germany, you will be able to stay in the country initially on a work visa. After 5 years you can apply and stay in Germany on a permanent resident basis. You can make long-term professional and personal plans in Germany!