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Your most frequent questions answered

Any licensed nurse that has graduated from a 3 year vocational training or a 4 year college or university program, as long as you do not currently live in one of the countries that have been restricted by the German government based on the WHO nurse staffing shortage assessment.

CWC Recruitment sponsors your B2 course and exam once in Germany. In your home country - if you learn language outside of CWC -, CWC will offer you a language bonus after you get deployed to Germany. If you wish to receive a language scholarship for your studies, you can discuss this with your CWC representative.

After filling out our application form, you will connect with a CWC team member to discuss whether this program is the right fit for you. If it is, you will have to focus on 2 things: collecting and translating all required documents for your Qualification Recognition as well as passing your B1 exam and starting to learn B2 in your country. CWC will take care of the rest and guide you across the entire journey

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How your nurses can achieve Full Qualification Recognition: Different options and their challenges

An Introduction to the process of Partial and Full Qualification Recognition As a healthcare facility partnering with CWC (CWC Recruitment), you will have the opportunity to welcome new employees from abroad who are initially qualified to work as assistant nurses, holding (in most cases) a Partial Qualification Recognition (PQR). This blog post aims to provide […]

Embracing Change: Care With Care Becomes CWC Recruitment

If you’ve recently explored our website or received communication from us, you may have noticed some changes, namely an updated brand name and logo! These past months mark a new chapter in our journey. Care With Care, a name that has resonated with our values and aspirations, has evolved into CWC Recruitment, a name that […]

Navigating Nurse Cultural Differences: Ensuring Seamless Transitions in International Teams

Understanding Nurse Cultural Differences In today’s globalized world, businesses are increasingly operating with international teams. While this diversity brings numerous benefits, it also presents challenges in terms of effective communication and understanding across cultural differences. This is especially crucial in the healthcare industry, where nurses from diverse backgrounds come together to provide quality care to […]