Why learn German?

If you're considering working as a nurse in Germany, learning German is an essential step on your journey. To travel to Germany as a nurse, achieving B1 proficiency is required, while reaching B2 level is necessary to become a registered nurse. Embracing the German language not only enables smoother integration but also enhances your work experience, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling. Start your language learning adventure today and open the door to incredible opportunities in the field of nursing in Germany!

How CWC will help

At CWC, we understand the importance and challenge of learning German for nursing candidates aspiring to work in Germany.
Here's how we assist you on your language learning journey:

The CWC Language Center

    Our comprehensive, platform-based Language Center empowers candidates to track their learning progress, earn the prestigious Top Learner status, and gain access to an extensive library of language learning resources. We provide you with the tools you need to succeed in mastering the German language.

Language Scholarship Program

    As a part of our commitment to supporting nursing candidates, we offer a limited number of eligible individuals the opportunity to participate in our Language Scholarship Program. Scholarship eligibility is determined by your country of origin, your commitment to achieving a B2 level in German, as well as your performance in the German Warm Up Course and Scholarship Interview. Once you enter the Scholarship Program, you will attend a CWC accredited language school and we cover the cost of all language courses and necessary exams up to B2 level, subject to special conditions. We want to make language learning accessible and affordable for you.

Language Bonus Program

    We believe in recognizing your efforts and dedication. After succesful completion of the language program of your choice, including your B1/B2 certification, and upon arrival in Germany, you will be reimbursed 1.500 EUR if you've prepaid up to B1 and 2.000 EUR if you've prepaid up to B2. This amount is not inclusive of any administrative costs which you may be subject to prepay and for which you will be reimbursed in full upon arrival.

Do you want to make progress in learning German?

What learning format is best for me?

If you're a part of the Language Bonus Program, you will be enrolling in a language school of your choice. Choosing the right language program is important and our team at CWC can guide you in making an informed decision. In order to maximize your language learning experience and deploy to Germany in as little time as possible here are some things to consider:

In person or virtual
Both approaches have their merits, and choosing between them depends on personal preferences, learning style, and individual circumstances. In-person classes offer the advantage of face-to-face interaction with instructors and classmates, providing a more intimate and natural learning environment. On the other hand, online language learning offers flexibility, convenience, and access to a wide range of resources and platforms, allowing individuals to tailor their learning experience to their schedule and preferences.
When it comes to scheduling language learning as a working nurse, it's important to consider flexibility and consistency. Look for language programs that offer appropriate class timings or self-paced options to accommodate your work schedule, and prioritize consistency by setting aside dedicated time each day or week for language practice to maintain progress and build fluency effectively.
School quality
The quality of your language program is critical to your success in learning German. Look for student testimonials and reviews to assess overall satisfaction, check the institute's accreditation or affiliations for quality assurance, and also examine the exam passing rates of their students to gauge the effectiveness of their language programs in preparing learners for language proficiency exams.
Exam Certification
When selecting a language school, it is crucial to determine the available exam certifications offered, as for deployment to Germany, it is essential to obtain a B1/B2 German Certification from one of the officially recognized language certification providers approved by the German authorities: Goethe, TELC or ÖSD).

What's next?

If you are already enrolled in the CWC program, we highly recommend that you first sign into your account and set up your Language Center. Here, you will answer some initial questions to understand which Language Program applies to as well as how to plan your learning journey alongside your deployment journey. Next, we encourage you to start learning German as soon as possible. If you are in the Language Bonus Program, review the different language options in your vicinity and check out virtual language program options as well. Please also double check which B1 exams (Goethe, TELC and/or ÖSD) are offered in your region.

Do you need more information?

We encourage you to review our FAQs below and reach out to the CWC team if you have questions!

Local language school

When evaluating your local German language school options, follow this checklist to assess the offering:

  • ? What courses are offered? A1, A2, B1 and B2?
  • ? What are the start & end dates of the course?
  • ? How many hours of lessons do you receive per week & how much self-study is expected?
  • ? What is the cost per course?
  • ? Are the books and other materials included in the fees?
  • ? How many students per class?
  • ? What is the school’s average passing rate for the B1 & B2 exams?
  • ? How does the school prepare you for the exams? Do they offer regular assessment tests and mock exams?
  • ? What German exam does the school prepare you for? (Goethe, OSD or TELC)
  • ? Are the lessons face to face or online?
  • ? Are the teachers native Germans or locals?
  • ? What are the school facilities like?
  • ? Are thereany special features in this course?

Your most frequent questions answered

If you learn language outside of CWC, we will offer you a language incentive bonus as you get deployed to Germany.

If you wish to receive a language sponsorship during your studies, you can discuss this with your CWC representative.

Learning a language is unique to each person and exact timelines are therefore difficult to predict. We assume that you could be ready for your B1 exam within 6-12 months if you study at least 2 hours per day and take regular classes. 1 private lesson per week during your A1 studies and 3 private lessons during your A2 and B1 classes. Completing your B2 course should take another 4-6 months. Overall, it will depend on your dedication to your studies.

Yes, you are required to pass the B1 exam with high marks before arriving in Germany. You will also be required to study as much B2 course as possible prior to arriving in order to shorten the time for you to take your B2 exam once you are in Germany. Once you pass your B2 (and as soon as you have completed your Qualification Recognition course and exam), you will become a Registered Nurse, which earns more than a Nurse Assistant, and you will be able to stay in Germany long-term.

As a bonus candidate responsible for covering language expenses, you have the flexibility to choose the school and course that best fits your needs. It's important to ensure that the school is familiar with the official exams recognized for the CWC program, such as TELC, ÖSD, and Goethe. Each candidate's circumstances vary, so the decision to attend classes in person or online, study daily or intermittently, depends on individual preferences and scheduling constraints.

CWC provides a checklist to help in selecting the optimal language school. You can access it here.

Scholarship candidates will be assigned to a designated language school partnering with the CWC Recruitment.