Nurse job description and requirements to work as a Registered nurse in Germany

Like in other countries, Germany has a lack of nurses in hospitals, elderly care homes as well as in other healthcare units. According to the German Health Minister Jens Spahn, some 50,000 positions need to be filled (2020) and this number only tends to grow. This situation has several causes but in general, it is due to two main reasons:

  • Ageing of the population, that will need more medical care;
  • The decrease in the birth rate.

To overcome this situation, the German health institutions have started to recruit nurses from abroad. The nurses that come from the EU have their qualifications immediately recognised, but when is the case that the healthcare professionals are recruited from outside of the EU there is a demand, by the German authorities, to go through a process of qualification recognition. The other aspect to take in consideration is the fact that there is a minimum German language requirement to work as a nurse, that now stands for B2. The reason for this requirement is justified as nurses will have to communicate with patients in order to understand their questions and complaints as well as talk to them to keep them company, especially in the case of the elderly patients living in care homes.

In order to fill the vacancies, in most of the cases, the healthcare providers turn to the recruitment agencies to source their needs. The agencies provide to the prospective employers’ tailormade solutions, that fulfil their needs. At the same time, the candidates for these jobs feel more secure and confident to be supported and guided throughout the process by the agency.

There are thousands of job posts and, depending on the main duties, they can differ a bit from each other. In the case that the job required is for a more specialised unit or clinique, there may be a need to have experience in that area.

As for an illustrative example, here is a general job description for a nurse position:

About the job

  • Professional patient care
  • Careful and continuous patient observation
  • Improvement and maintenance of Good Medical Practices (GMPs)
  • Work in a friendly and multi-disciplinary team
  • Empathy and friendly communication with patients and their relatives as well as with colleagues and suppliers

About you

  • Have a Nurse degree
  • Passion and commitment for what you do
  • Have a can-do attitude
  • High competence, both professional and personal
  • Be a team player and at the same time be able to work independently
  • Flexibility and adaptability to new tasks, people and methods/procedures
  • Be positive

About the employer

  • A permanent employment contract
  • An attractive salary as well as the possibility of career progress and specialisation
  • Extensive on boarding for newcomers as well as continues training (internal and external)
  • Good work environment


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