UK Code of Practice for International Recruitment List features Care With Care

In May 2022, the UK Code of Practice for International Recruitment List recognized Care With Care for their ethical standards of active international recruitment in alignment with the United Kingdom’s strategy to strengthen medical and community care institutions while ensuring safeguards on proactive recruiting from nations with a surplus of healthcare personnel. Care With Care founder and Managing Director Laura Esnaola comments, “After receiving the German RAL Quality Seal in February 2022, we are honoured to also be included in the UK code of practice and to receive recognition for our ethical recruitment practices. (At Care With Care), our goal is to be known as the most effective and the fairest overseas healthcare recruitment agency in Europe, so this is a tremendous honour that deeply aligns with our core mission”.


What is Ethical international recruitment? 

‚Ethical international recruitment‘ is described as the procedure by which the United Kingdom health and social care employers contract organizations and subcontractors to recruit individual citizens to consider United Kingdom job opportunities in the health or social care sector. Care With Care’s model of ethical active international recruitment ensures that our operational policies remain centered around the well-being our recruited nursing candidates. 


What does this seal mean? 

This quality seal stands for: 

  • We mindfully adhere to the NHS code of practice in all of our recruiting operations.
  • We value the specialised guidance we receive from the NHS.
  • We are transparent and ethical in our recruitment procedures. 
  • We aim to refine the process as and when we receive feedback from NHS and/or clients or migrants. 


Our promise: 

In addition to the the quality seal conditions underlined above, Care With Care has built their organization around the following principles: 

  • Ensure the highest quality of service to our transnational healthcare candidates, from the moment of enrolment through deployment, training  and beyond. .
  • Guaranteed equity and transparency throughout the entire recruitment and deployment process.
  • A fundamental commitment to sustain international health and social care infrastructures and workforces, by delivering quality, long-term candidates to countries with nurse shortage.
  • Safeguard against active recruitment from countries with the most vulnerable health workforces.


Previous awards: 

We previously, have also had the honour of receiving the first RAL quality mark “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany “. Care With Care is one of the first companies to be awarded and certified for its ethical, fair and transparent recruitment processes. The RAL excellence label „Fair Recruiting Healthcare Germany“ denotes an employment and integration process that is just, fair, and transparent.

The German Competence Centre for International Healthcare and Nursing Professionals (DKF) established the excellence seal and test standards on account of the BGM, the German Ministry of Health, and delivered them in autumn 2021. The RAL Quality Association is in charge of putting the test method in place, as well as educating and appointing professional examiners and issuing the performance seal.


Looking forward

We are honored and excited to join the UK Code of Practice for International Recruitment List and to receive the first RAL quality mark by “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany “. Our recruitment processes are aimed at being fair, ethical and transparent and we remain humbly motivated to help healthcare workers find safe international job opportunities through which they will strengthen the global healthcare environment. 

Care With Care has been the acting leader in ethical healthcare recruiting in Germany for over 10 years. The current clientele of Care With Care can mostly be found across Germany, including world class university clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes where international health care workers will find job opportunities leading them to professional growth and excellence. 

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