German Immigration Law Update: Extended Residence Period to Benefit Nurses Seeking Recognition

In a significant stride toward fostering a more supportive environment for foreign nurses, Germany has recently amended § 16d Abs. 1 AufenthG, extending the residence period for individuals seeking recognition, with a particular emphasis on the nursing sector. This amendment is set to extend the duration from 18 months to 24 months, with the possibility of further extension up to a maximum of 3 years, all while applicants are in the process of obtaining their Recognition Certificate (Anerkennungsurkunde).


Benefits for Nurses:

  1. Ample Time for Recognition Process:

   The extension from 18 to 24 months provides nurses with a more generous timeframe to navigate through the often intricate process of professional recognition. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of qualifications, ensuring that nurses have the time and resources to meet the necessary requirements for official recognition.

  1. ??‍♀️Reduced Time Pressure and Stress:

   Professional recognition can be a complex journey, and the previous 18-month limit added a layer of time pressure and stress for nurses seeking recognition. With the extended residence period, nurses can now approach the process with greater calmness and focus, ultimately leading to a more positive experience and potentially higher success rates.

  1. ??Enhanced Integration and Cultural Adaptation:

   A longer stay during the recognition process facilitates better integration and cultural adaptation. Nurses can immerse themselves more fully in the German healthcare environment, improving language skills, building professional networks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the local medical practices and procedures.


The amendment to § 16d Abs. 1 AufenthG is a positive and welcoming development for nurses seeking recognition in Germany. The extended residence period not only eases the stress associated with the recognition process but also empowers nurses with the time and flexibility needed for successful integration into the German healthcare system. This change aligns with Germany’s commitment to attracting and supporting skilled professionals, recognizing the valuable contributions that nurses make to the country’s healthcare landscape.

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