German Law Change Facilitates Easier Family Reunification for Nurses

In a significant stride towards making family reunification more accessible and less bureaucratic for skilled workers, Germany has recently amended Section 29 (5) of the AufenthG (German Residence Act). This pivotal change eliminates the requirement for skilled workers, including those in the nursing profession, to provide proof of necessary living space when sponsoring their spouses to join them in Germany.



The previous provision mandated that individuals seeking family reunification had to demonstrate that they possessed adequate living space to accommodate their spouse. This requirement often posed a challenge for nurses, who were essential to the German healthcare system but faced hurdles in navigating Germany’s bureaucracy.


Benefits for Nurses:

Nursing professionals, who play a crucial role in the country’s healthcare sector, can now experience a streamlined and more straightforward family reunification process.

?Easier Navigation of Bureaucratic Hurdles:

   Nurses coming to Germany will no longer be burdened by the time-consuming process of providing documentation related to living space. This change simplifies the bureaucratic process, allowing skilled workers to focus more on their professional responsibilities and settling into their new environment.

??‍⚕️Attraction of Skilled Nursing Professionals:

   Germany, with its aging population and increasing demand for healthcare services, has actively sought to attract skilled nursing professionals from around the world. This legal revision sends a positive signal to international nurses, showcasing Germany as a destination that values and facilitates family life.

?‍?‍?‍?Enhanced Family Reunification Opportunities:

The amendment encourages family reunification by removing a significant obstacle. Nurses can now bring their spouses to Germany without the added stress of fulfilling stringent housing criteria, fostering a healthier work-life balance and promoting social integration.


The recent modification to Section 29 (5) AufenthG is a commendable step towards making Germany a more attractive destination for foreign nurses. By removing the proof of necessary living space requirement for family reunification, the German government is not only recognizing the invaluable contributions of nurses but also creating a more welcoming environment for those seeking to build a life and career in the country. 


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