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Your journey to Germany. Free of charge!

Land in a furnished flat in Germany in 12-24 months
  • 1
    Step 1
    Screening and document collection
  • 2
    Step 2
    Interview and employment process
  • 3
    Step 3
    Qualification recognition process
  • 4
    Step 4
    Departure and B2 studies
  • 5
    Step 5
    Arrival in Germany and integration
Screening and document collection

Screening and document collection

In the first part of the program we will evaluate the candidates’ preferences, skills and design an individualized hiring plan and timeline. Candidates will then collect and submit documents required for the Qualification Recognition and complete their professional profile.

Interview and employment process

Interview and employment process

In the second stage of the journey, we will match candidates with employers based on each of their preferences, and coordinate interviews and employment contracts.

Qualification recognition process

Qualification recognition process

In the third stage, we process the candidates' qualification recognition and obtain their work authorization. We support candidates in the training required in order to become a Registered Nurse in Germany.

Departure and B2 studies

Departure and B2 studies

In the fourth step of the process, we support the candidates and employers in obtaining a work visa and organizing travel to Germany. We offer relocation and integration trainings

Arrival in Germany and integration

Arrival in Germany and integration

Then in the final step, we welcome the candidates in Germany and assist with arrival logistics and integration. Candidates will then begin their QR and language courses, and prepare for the exams.

What are the requirements to apply?

Any licensed nurse that has graduated from a 3 year vocational training or a 4 year college or university program.

The minimum requirement to start your program in Germany is a B1 exam certificate from either Goethe, TELC or ÖSD. However, in order to become a registered nurse as quickly as possible, it is crucial that you start studying B2 in your home country, prior to arriving in Germany. Learning a language is unique to each person and exact timelines are therefore difficult to predict. We assume that you could be ready for your B1 exam within 12 months if you study at least 2 hours per day and take 1 private lesson per week during your A1 studies and 3 private lessons during your A2 and B1 classes. Completing your B2 course should take another 4-6 months. Overall, it will depend on your dedication to your studies.

Germany awaits you

Endless career opportunities

With +40,000 nursing vacancies in Germany, CWC offers you work in one of its +50 centers, selected for their excellence and integration.

Multiple social benefits

Access to some of the world´s best social benefits: great health and unemployment insurance, retirement benefits, and free education for you and your family.

Great salary from day one

2,700 - 4,000€ on average per month for a registered nurse and 2,300€ for a nurse assistant.

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Your most frequent questions answered

Apart from being a licensed Registered Nurse in your country, committing to passing your language exams and submitting all required documentation, we expect you to: 1) fully commit to passing your B2 and Qualification Recognition exams upon arriving in Germany and 2) staying at your employer for at minimum of 2 years after receiving your Registered Nurse recognition.

During the qualification recognition course period and until you pass the qualification exam and receive your Registered Nurse Certificate (Urkunde), you work as a Nurse Assistant. After receiving the RN Certificate, you will be able to change your visa type and officially work as a RN with a new contract. Most foreign nurses are allowed to work as a Nurse Assistant for a specific period of time upon arriving in Germany, while they prepare to become a fully Registered Nurse. There are two crucial components to becoming a Registered Nurse in Germany: B2 exam and “Kenntnisprüfung”, which is a nursing skills exam. Germany does not have a shortage of Nurse Assistants. Therefore, it is a priority for CWC to help you become a Registered Nurse upon arriving in Germany in order for you to remain in your new country long term.

Once you become a Registered Nurse in Germany, you will be able to stay in the country initially on a work visa. After 5 years you can apply and stay in Germany on a permanent resident basis. You can make long-term professional and personal plans in Germany!