Why learn German?

You have made a life-changing decision to come to Germany to work as a Registered Nurse. We support and prepare you for this big move.

Obtaining the B2 certificate is a requirement to work as a Registered Nurse in Germany. We are eager to guide you in the language journey!

Learn German in collaboration with CWC

Your Commitment

  • 1Pass B1 exam & learn B2 in your country
  • 2Cover language course costs until you receive a sponsorship or program bonus
  • 3Pass B1 & B2 exams in a timely manner

Our Commitment

  • 1Offer high level and powerful support through our Language Center
  • 2Offer language sponsorship for eligible candidates or program bonus for candidates paying their own language courses
  • 3Sponsor B2 study and B2 exam in Germany

Options for learning German

It’s your decision. Choose from a variety of language programs, depending on your location and your study preferences. Some characteristics of local vs virtual programs to consider:

Local language schools
  • Lessons taught at a specific school and location*
  • Courses have set schedules
  • In-person interaction with teachers and students
  • (*) During COVID-19, courses might be run online.
Virtual courses
  • Personalized learning schedule
  • Own study rhythm and pace
  • Combination of self-study and 1:1 lessons

What to do now?

To make an informed decision, we encourage you to review the different language options in your vicinity and check out virtual language program options as well. Please also double check which B1 exams (Goethe, TELC and/or ÖSD) are offered in your region.

We encourage you to review our FAQs below and reach out to the CWC team if you have questions!

Virtual language course

Find out more about the virtual language methodology and partner programs.

Local language school

When evaluating your local German language school options, follow this checklist to assess the offering:

  • ? What courses are offered? A1, A2, B1 and B2?
  • ? What are the start & end dates of the course?
  • ? How many hours of lessons do you receive per week & how much self-study is expected?
  • ? What is the cost per course?
  • ? Are the books and other materials included in the fees?
  • ? How many students per class?
  • ? What is the school’s average passing rate for the B1 & B2 exams?
  • ? How does the school prepare you for the exams? Do they offer regular assessment tests and mock exams?
  • ? What German exam does the school prepare you for? (Goethe, OSD or TELC)
  • ? Are the lessons face to face or online?
  • ? Are the teachers native Germans or locals?
  • ? What are the school facilities like?
  • ? Are thereany special features in this course?

Your most frequent questions answered

If you learn language outside of CWC, we will offer you a language incentive bonus as you get deployed to Germany.

If you wish to receive a language sponsorship during your studies, you can discuss this with your CWC representative.

Learning a language is unique to each person and exact timelines are therefore difficult to predict. We assume that you could be ready for your B1 exam within 6-12 months if you study at least 2 hours per day and take regular classes. 1 private lesson per week during your A1 studies and 3 private lessons during your A2 and B1 classes. Completing your B2 course should take another 4-6 months. Overall, it will depend on your dedication to your studies.

Yes, you are required to pass the B1 exam with high marks before arriving in Germany. You will also be required to study as much B2 course as possible prior to arriving in order to shorten the time for you to take your B2 exam once you are in Germany. Once you pass your B2 (and as soon as you have completed your Qualification Recognition course and exam), you will become a Registered Nurse, which earns more than a Nurse Assistant, and you will be able to stay in Germany long-term.