Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers in Germany comes into effect in March 2022

Covid-19 & Vaccination

Working in Germany can be an exhilarating experience. It can certainly prove to be meaningful to each one in different ways. Despite the pandemic, there remains hope. Proof of that is that the Care With Care Team has continued its efforts to bring more nurses to Germany during the last months in order to strengthen and expand the healthcare system. As part of this process and due to the changing regulations that have to do with covid vaccination, it is important to keep our nurses up to date regarding the most recent requirements to enter Germany. 

As of 15th March 2022, the new mandate regarding vaccination procedures in Germany requiring every individual employed in the healthcare sector to be vaccinated as per EU guidelines, comes into effect. 

As a CWC candidate it is advisable for you to ensure that your vaccination dose/process is compatible with the EU norms, to successfully navigate through the contract and avoid confusion. Read more to know and note the exact details. 


Details about the ‘Vaccine Mandate’

For personnel working at clinics, nursing homes, in medical and dental professions in Germany, proof/evidence of vaccination is compulsory from 15th March 2022. The doses received must be of a vaccine approved by the European Union which are listed below. 

The individual must show documentation/evidence of having been completely vaccinated or having recovered, or a declaration stating that they are unable to get vaccinated/exempted from the vaccination process. If this does not occur, the company is responsible for notifying the German health department. 

Not being fully vaccinated with a EU approved vaccine shall be considered a breach of standard contractual responsibilities meaning that if no evidence of vaccination is provided, the work arrangement shall be paused. In other words, this entails that you won’t be able to work in Germany as a nurse unless you are vaccinated with an EU approved vaccine. 


Which are the vaccines that are currently approved by the EU?

Considering the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) comprehensive evaluation, the Commission has granted 5 conditional commercial authorizations for vaccines produced by BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, and Novavax, accordingly. Numerous additional vaccines are being evaluated by the EMA at various phases.

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What steps do you need to take? 

Proof of vaccination of any of the approved vaccines as per European Union guidelines will smoothen your process of working with German healthcare employers and eliminate any potential obstacles from your contract. This means that if you have received two doses of any of the five approved vaccines by the EU listed above, you will be allowed to work as a nurse upon your arrival in Germany with the employer that CWC has found for you.

If you have received doses of a vaccine NOT approved by EU:

However, in case you are not vaccinated yet or the vaccine administered by your national health department/board is not approved by the European Union, you should begin a new vaccination series, taking into account the age-appropriate vaccination recommendations in order to obtain vaccinated status in the EU. 

If you are beginning a new vaccination series, do not worry. Here is a list of guidelines for you! 



Your contract will operate smoothly when:
  1. Both your vaccine doses are EU approved. 
  2. One of your vaccine doses is not EU approved, but the rest two doses are of an EU approved vaccine. 
  3. Your first two doses are of vaccines not approved by the EU, but the rest two doses are of an EU approved vaccine. 


Possibilities of receiving both the doses of an approved EU vaccine: 
  1. You may receive both the doses from your home/native country and then proceed to come to Germany. Kindly note that your departure date should be two weeks/14 days after receiving the last dose. 
  2. You may receive the first dose from your home/native country, 3-6 weeks prior to departure and then proceed to come to Germany. Kindly note that you would have to receive your second dose upon arrival in Germany and would be able to commence your work after a waiting/buffer period of two weeks/14 days. 


How to identify any risk with respect to the vaccine? 

Vulnerable individuals can be at serious risk to the vaccination process. If you have any underlying diseases or comorbidities, then kindly check with your doctor/physician before you sign up for the vaccination process. This can help you understand how your body might respond to the vaccine. 

A vaccination process which is successfully completed according to EU guidelines will help you commence work in Germany without hassles, which remains our top most priority. We are always open to hearing from you. If you have any other queries or wish to contact us about a specific concern, please do email us at:

Happy to hear from you!

Your CWC Team

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