Virtual Learning Platforms

In the past decade, it has been possible to sign up to different learning platforms in order to update or enlarge your knowledge about a certain topic as well as to start learning a new skill. 

According to Forbes “online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people’s lives.” The current pandemic pushed companies, schools, universities and individuals to opt for this method of learning and sharing. Nowadays platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, just to name a few, are used by billions around the world, whether is for work, learning, keep in touch with family and friends or for a hobby.


The advantages of this type of learning can be summarized in these main points:

  • Variety: There are thousands of courses at a distance of a click
  • Time: people can set up their own schedule
  • Pace: there is the possibility of going faster or slowly
  • Location: learn from the comfort of your home from providers all around the world
  • Cost: on general the cost tends to be lower, especially if having in account that there are no costs for commuting or time spent to go to a certain place


There are different types of platforms, but they can be divided into two main groups:

  • Open source: an open source platform is a type of platform that can be used free of charge. Usually, it is mandatory to do a registration.
  • Premium: as the name says, this kind of platform is accessible through the payment of a fee. This fee can be a monthly or annual subscription, or an amount paid every time that the platform is accessed. Compared to the open source, in this case, the user has usually access to more features and services. (There are platforms that have both options, free and premium).


One of the areas where these platforms are being used with great results is to learn languages. There are a great number of different platforms, where millions of people have signed up to learn and improve their language skills.


These are great resources if you are thinking about coming to Germany to work. As you know, to be able to work in Germany as a registered nurse you have to complete and pass the exam for the B2 level. Because of that and also because we know that this way to learn is effective and valuable, Care With Care has established partnerships with some of the most renowned and trusted virtual language providers, in order to help you to achieve the desired German language level and come to Germany, at a discounted rate. If you want to fulfil your dream to come to Germany find out more about our program – Your Journey to Germany! There you can find all the information that you need, from the enrollment requirements, steps of the program, language information, timeline, etc.  From there you can get in touch with an adviser in case you want to discuss your particular situation and needs and also enroll in our program by filling a short form that will kick start the change your life for the better. Germany is waiting for you!

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