Is Germany the right place for me?

  You have a nursing degree and are thinking about going to Germany to work as a nurse? Do you want to understand whether you would like to work for an employer in Germany? This may be a good idea, especially because there is an increasing demand for nursing professions in Germany.  However, international labour […]

Which Nurses Can Work in Germany?

Restrictions of foreign nurse recruitment: who can work as a nurse in Germany?  From a candidate perspective, making the bold decision to find work in another country is never easy and you should be as well informed as possible. From an employer perspective, it is crucial to understand which regions you may legally recruit from. […]

How does the nurse recognition process work in Germany?

From a nurse perspective, becoming a registered nurse in Germany can be confusing. From an employer perspective, the amount of work to process the qualification recognition paperwork and the effort to organize training for a candidate to go from a Nurse Assistant to a Registered Nurse can be daunting.  Foreign nurses and German employers are […]

Language requirements to work as a registered nurse in Germany

This article will showcase the particular language path to becoming a registered nurse in Germany and pursuing a long-term healthcare career in Germany. We will also discuss what German language exams are recognized by the German authorities. Lastly, we will offer some tips to learning the German language successfully.    What is the language path […]

Nurse Spotlight: Insights into working at an elderly care home and at a hospital

Interview with a Philippine Nurse who first worked in a senior care facility for 3 years and then moved to a hospital:   When did you come to Germany and did you have to do an exam to be able to work here? They fortunately fully recognized all my training, but I had also done […]

Virtual Learning Platforms

In the past decade, it has been possible to sign up to different learning platforms in order to update or enlarge your knowledge about a certain topic as well as to start learning a new skill.  According to Forbes “online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, as the internet and education combine […]


Nurse job description and requirements to work as a Registered nurse in Germany Like in other countries, Germany has a lack of nurses in hospitals, elderly care homes as well as in other healthcare units. According to the German Health Minister Jens Spahn, some 50,000 positions need to be filled (2020) and this number only tends to […]


Pursuing your career dreams can sometimes seem a difficult task, especially if you would need to go through a process that you have never been before. This is where Care With Care – Your Journey to Germany can be helpful. This program is dedicated to Qualified Nurses from different parts of the world, who want […]

NOT WITHOUT MY FAMILY: Guide to Family Reunion For Nurses In Germany

In Germany, the constitutional law (Grundgesetz) grants special protection of marriage and the family. For this reason, it is generally possible that family members of foreign workers who are living in Germany can immigrate to Germany to join their family member—of course, under certain conditions. We have summarized the most important facts about family reunion […]


You have a dream of going abroad to Europe and working there as a nurse? Good choice and great opportunities, especially in Germany! 45,000 nurses are needed there in order to fully cover the need across hospitals and elderly care facilities. To make the big step to Germany you usually need to rely on the […]