CWC Recruitment: Bridging the Gap – Facilitating Nurse Recruitment in Germany through International Collaborations with Indian Authorities

The involvement of CWC Recruitment in the international roundtable discussions between German and Indian authorities is a testament to our dedication to bridging the gap and addressing the shortage of nurses in Germany.

Recently, in February 2024, pivotal meetings took place in the province of Kerala, India, involving high-ranking representatives from both German and Indian authorities. Hosted by the German Consul General in Trivandrum, a reception brought together members of the Gütegemeinschaft (Quality Assurance Association) and their local representatives. The primary focus of this gathering was to foster networking and information exchange with Kerala authorities, specifically delving into the intricacies of the nurse recruitment process, the challenges faced on the ground in India, and the prospects of establishing an international nursing career in Germany.

A significant event was a round table discussion where representatives from the Indian Government in Kerala, the German Health Ministry Delegation, and active German recruitment agencies, including CWC Recruitment / CIMS India, convened to discuss the current landscape of nurse recruitment. Our agency, proudly bearing the RAL Gütesiegel quality seal, actively participated in this dialogue, along with other partners such as Goethe Institute and other language schools.

At CWC Recruitment as well as CIMS India, we are deeply committed to collaborating with local authorities in India to streamline the recruitment process for Indian nurses, ultimately alleviating the nurse shortage in Germany. The roundtable discussions led to key points aimed at simplifying access to the German workspace for Indian nurses:


  • ? Document Translation Simplification:

Currently, the documentation provided by nurses prior to deployment is recognised in its English original version without translation only in some regions of Germany. The need to recognize English original versions of documents without translation in more regions of Germany was emphasized. This would surpass the translation step and accelerate the whole recruitment application process.

Authorities in Kerala pledged to provide specific partner contacts to expedite the translation process. An online translation service in Bangalore specializing in Indo-German applications was introduced as an efficient alternative.


  • ? Pilot of Visa Application Process for Ausbildung Candidates (Training Candidates):

A trial stage implementation of a visa rejection appeal system was discussed to address rejections for Ausbildung candidates (candidates in training phase) switching to nursing after the age of 25.


  • ? Fast Immigration Act Article 81a:

Section 81a of the German Residence Act, allowing advance approval for visa issuance, was highlighted as a mechanism to expedite the entry of qualified professionals from abroad.


  • ↗️ Continuous Efforts by German Authorities and Recruitment Agencies:

The German government and authorities are tirelessly working towards shortening the entire recruitment process to less than 6-8 months duration.


CWC Recruitment in alignment with Gütesiegel Quality Seal Standards by being present in Indian Healthcare Administration Roundtable

? In reaffirming our role as a reliable, ethical and transparent agency, CWC Recruitment remains at the forefront of these conversations. Our recent meeting with local delegations underscores our dedication to understanding regional needs thoroughly, with the ultimate goal of simplifying the recruitment process and addressing the nurse shortage gap in Germany.

We look forward to continued collaboration and progress in facilitating the recruitment of qualified nursing professionals from India to Germany.


* Credits Image: Arjun from MIMS team

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