We are one of the newest members of RAL Gütegemeinschaft!

In February 2022, Care With Care was one of the first companies to be awarded the RAL Quality Seal – “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” by the Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus dem Ausland e.V. (Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Care Workers from Abroad) for its ethical, fair and transparent recruitment processes.

We are honoured to announce that on November 10-2022, Care With Care gained a new milestone and officially became a member of the Gütegemeinschaft.

With this, Care With Care will be able to participate in the decisions on what the seal should entail and work on improving it. This will include further development of the quality criteria for ethically justifiable and fair recruitment. Being a member of the association also gives Care With Care the opportunity to network with other organizations that share the same values while also being able to encourage possible new members to comply with requirements.

The Care With Care Code-of-Conduct, below, dictates our core values and business practices from strategy to day-to-day operations. These principles serve as an “ethical roadmap” that we follow and will use to maintain, improve and further develop the quality criteria.

Here is a quick look at our Code-of-Conduct:

  1. We follow the requirements of the quality mark issued by the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine Lübke Stiftung e.V. of the six principles that guide the entire recruitment and placement practice:
    • Written form for verifiability
    • Unpaid nature of the placement process for care workers
    • Appropriateness of the economic risk
    • Transparency of structures, services and costs
    • Sustainability and participation
    • Overall responsibility
  1. Our Mission Statement is not to cut corners and to focus on long-term wins mainly focused on our candidates’ safety and integration.
  2. Compliance with the law defines the base of our economic activity.
  3. For International Recruitment Best-Practices, we follow the ethical standards from the International Labour Organization´s (ILO)
  4. Equal Treatment and opportunities ensure zero tolerance for any discrimination practices.
  5. Systems-Change Approach & Corporate Social Responsibility is Care With Care’s approach that will benefit the overall ecosystem.
  6. Our candidate-first approach ensures that our candidates are properly set up for long-term success in Germany.
  7. Practicing our values allows us to implement them as well as our code-of-conduct to everything that we do.
  8. Up-to-dateness and amendment of the Code of Conduct are maintained by reviewing and discussing it with our team to ensure that our values are current and clear across the team.

With the above guidelines already existing for Care With Care, we believe that we are a good addition to the Gütegemeinschaft. Access our Code of Conduct site for a detailed overview of the standards that define Care With Care’s recruitment and hiring process.

Together with the other members of the Gütegemeinschaft, we are committed to the fairest recruitment policies for healthcare workers in Germany. 

Care With Care is one of the leading agencies in the recruitment and integration of international nurses, especially from the Philippines. In particular, CWC focuses on transparency in the placement process as well as expectation management and accompanying integration. Care With Care’s clients are represented throughout Germany, including university clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. CWC is one of the first agencies to receive the “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” seal of quality.


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