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100+ Recruiters

CWC is the largest recruitment agency in the world with over 100 agents working regionally around the globe.

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Quality first

Our preference-based matching model ensures you only get nurses who want to stay with you long-term.

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Our proprietary recruitment and matching platform takes the administrative burden off your shoulders and ensures that all your requirements are met.

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Transparent payment model

Our payment model is 100% transparent and incremental, meaning you only pay for your assignment when certain milestones are reached.

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Ethically designed

CWC was one of the first agencies to be awarded the Seal of Quality because we take special care to maintain ethical principles throughout the recruitment process.

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Integration support

Our partner company Care Forward supports your welcome plan and offers free, government-funded introduction courses for your new arrivals.

Working with CWC is extremely rewarding. Throughout the recruitment process, we receive excellent personalized attention that ensures seamless transitions from start to finish. CWC's flexibility in adapting to our individual needs and schedules is impressive and demonstrates a deep commitment to our staffing requirements.

Petra Kurpik, Nursing director
Evangelisches Krankenhaus Hubertus
For Nurses

Nursing Abroad. Made easy

We are proud of the work that we do and the thousands of opportunities that we have created, for both Nurses & Healthcare Institutions.

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Help make dreams a reality

We couldn’t accomplish our mission without support from our partners. Government organizations, language schools, and regional recruitment agencies all play a role in our success. Interested in being a Partner? Learn more here.


CWC is a Gütesiegel agency

In February 2022, CWC Recruitment was one of the first companies to be awarded the RAL Quality Seal – “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” by the Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus dem Ausland e.V. (Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Care Workers from Abroad) for its ethical, fair and transparent recruitment processes. This means that we have undergone a stringent review process and have recognized by the German government as being compliant with the highest standards of ethics, quality, and transparency. For more information about fair migration practices check out the Gütesiegel Brochure.

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Your most frequent questions answered

We recommend recruiting at least five to ten candidates at a time, as it is helpful for candidates to be placed in a small community of like-minded individuals. Our experience ranges up to projects with more than 50 candidates at the same time with one employer.

Interviews can be conducted in person if the employer chooses to travel to the sourcing region, or via video conference. CWC helps coordinate these interviews and ensures candidates are well prepared. CWC also provides technical support to ensure the interviews run smoothly.

The expected time frame for CWC to arrive in Germany is approximately ten to thirteen months. During this time period, CWC will complete all necessary processes for qualification recognition, labor market approval, work permit, and visa submission. At the same time, the candidate will use this time to take the required B1 or B2 exam (as required by the employer) in the home country. The candidate should have enough time to take the exam at least twice, which increases the likelihood of meeting these proposed deadlines.