CWC Recruitment: Bridging the Gap – Facilitating Nurse Recruitment in Germany through International Collaborations with Indian Authorities

The involvement of CWC Recruitment in the international roundtable discussions between German and Indian authorities is a testament to our dedication to bridging the gap and addressing the shortage of nurses in Germany. Recently, in February 2024, pivotal meetings took place in the province of Kerala, India, involving high-ranking representatives from both German and Indian […]

Accessing Global Talent: A Comprehensive Guide for Hospitals Considering International Recruitment

Germany’s shortage of healthcare workers has reached a critical stage leading to more hospitals relying on international recruitment to address staffing challenges. However, selecting the right international recruitment agency is pivotal to success and by selecting the wrong agency, clinics or hospitals may suffer from murky timelines, low quality caregivers and high turnover. This blog […]

Navigating Your Nursing Career Abroad: Choosing the Right Agency for a Seamless Transition to Germany

Introduction Embarking on an international nursing career in Germany can be an exciting prospect, offering new opportunities for professional growth and cultural enrichment. However, the journey begins with choosing the right agency to guide you through the process. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key considerations for international nurses and shed light on the […]

German Immigration Law Update: Extended Residence Period to Benefit Nurses Seeking Recognition

In a significant stride toward fostering a more supportive environment for foreign nurses, Germany has recently amended § 16d Abs. 1 AufenthG, extending the residence period for individuals seeking recognition, with a particular emphasis on the nursing sector. This amendment is set to extend the duration from 18 months to 24 months, with the possibility […]

German Law Change Facilitates Easier Family Reunification for Nurses

In a significant stride towards making family reunification more accessible and less bureaucratic for skilled workers, Germany has recently amended Section 29 (5) of the AufenthG (German Residence Act). This pivotal change eliminates the requirement for skilled workers, including those in the nursing profession, to provide proof of necessary living space when sponsoring their spouses […]

The growing demand for nursing staff in Germany until 2049

The nursing sector is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history: the increasing demand for nursing staff in Germany up to 2049. The latest population projection from the Federal Statistical Office takes an alarming look at the future of healthcare and highlights the urgent need to find innovative solutions to overcome this shortage. […]

The Reality of Nursing and Care Professions: Insights from the IAB Short Report

The recent IAB (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt and Berufsforschung) Short Report sheds light on the employment landscape in the healthcare and nursing sector, dispelling fears of a massive wave of layoffs. Here are key takeaways: (1) Stable Employment Figures: The expected surge in layoffs did not materialize. The report shows that the number of socially insured […]

CWC supports the Euskirchen district in the recruitment of Indian nursing staff in the region

The demand for nursing staff is increasing dramatically throughout Germany and the district of Euskirchen is no exception. By 2040, the district of Euskirchen is expected to need 1330 additional nursing staff in elderly care in order to maintain current standards. (Source: „Entlastung durch Pflegekräfte aus Indien“, Press release from 13.10.2023) To meet this challenge, […]

CWC interviews educational provider Care Forward about its expertise in qualification training (QR) and educational voucher application (BGS)

How to Ensure Success on the Qualification Recognition Journey In our latest blog entry, CWC Recruitment delved into the two main training tracks available to nurses seeking to obtain the Urkunde, a Qualification Recognition certificate necessary for them to work as Registered Nurses in Germany. Germany faces a significant shortage of registered nurses, and as […]

Latest changes of the WHO Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List

The WHO Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List and its function The World Health Organization (WHO) Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List is an essential tool that plays a crucial role in the recruitment of healthcare professionals, including nurses and other healthcare workers, across the globe. This list serves as a dynamic document that categorizes […]